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Do you believe in god?






Apr, 2018

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  • rahul

    BRo , I just Believe on my work ,What i Do. This is only my GOD. So, I believe in GOD.


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  • mefjiu

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  • money

    no, and he owes me some money if you saw him.


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  • doru



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  • maanya

    No, I’d rather say I believe in Energies. The energies that could read my intentions and know my expectations. Its true that there’s something out there, that has been keeping a leash on everything. I am not sure if its God, but there’s definitely some form of energy that keeps us all going and I respect and believe it my all my heart and soul.


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  • cosmin



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  • william.james

    yes i do believe..


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  • roman

    i believe there is something greater watching over us, what its called or what from (if any) i dont know. but feel like theres another aspect to life we cant see or touch (ie that isnt visible to us)


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  • keith

    i, a living man, believe that “God” is a name that was given to help man have a perspective on the age old question “Why are we here?”.

    Man in general have had questions as to where we came from or why we are here. Some have come up with ways to explain this by creating parallel identities that man can realate to.

    Mother nature is one such parallel that helps in understanding the world around us.

    Heaven is really just the word to give perspective the the area above us as far as we can see.

    God exists “IN” all of us. We just won’t call it “God” necessarily.

    i really think this man “Santos Bonocci” has put things into perspective for me in general. He is really well read and knowledgeable in this area, in i’s opinion. i can’t say i can condone everything he says, however he makes alot of sense to i. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAstrotheology

    Another man that has highly influenced i’s life is Karl Lentz. He has put into perspective many issues i have had with why i didn’t feel free in a free country (USA). https://www.youtube.com/user/765736/videos (Craig Lynch added Karl’s audio sessions on his YouTube channel for Karl)


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  • pearljam

    I believe in God.
    This make me helpful to understand what is Good and what is Bad.
    Means it can help me to guide what should I do and don’t.

    I believe in God.


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