Q. Who should take accountability for poverty in a relatively large number of countries?

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Who should take accountability for poverty in a relatively large number of countries?

Indisputably, impoverished countries still exist in this world full of advancements in various fields. Changes have come for the better for a lot of lands whose people now live a more comfortable life. If you live in a country where poverty is in its peak, who do you think should be blamed for this? If you are situated in a first-world country, what solution do you think is the most suited to develop underdeveloped countries?






Apr, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    as long as there are people who see themselves higher than others there will be poverty, usually happens whenever religion is involved, have you noticed how poor people are more religious?
    usually the higher ranks in the religions abuse their influence on their followers and rub them from their money to fill their own pockets.


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