Q. What is the difference between the Ethereum and NEO gas?

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What is the difference between the Ethereum and NEO gas?

Both of this alt coins have gas to send it from one wallet to the other, are those two gas the same? What are the differences and how it works?






Apr, 2018

2 Answers
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  • ae1996

    Both of two gas works the same when they execute transaction (including smart contracts in it). The difference between Ethereum and NEO are the gas fee in Ethereum using the ETH balance, but the gas fee in NEO using GAS. Comparison :
    1. If you have 1 ETH, you can’t send 1 ETH directly. You must leave a little bit of it for the gas fee. For example the gas need 0.005 ETH, so you can only send 0.995 ETH.
    2. If you have 1 NEO, you can send 1 NEO directly but remember you need the little amount of GAS to send NEO.


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