Q. Which is the most difficult language to learn?

Which is the most difficult language to learn?

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Jun, 2018

2 Answers
  • mohsinkhan

    pashtoon lenguage is most deficult lenguage. this lenguage is belonged to pakistan tribal areas


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  • thorty

    Mandarin and Arabic are two of the most difficult languages to learn (for native English speakers at least).


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Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic - five of the most spoken languages out of the 6909 living languages around the world listed recently. Aside from that, there are also rare languages that a specific group of people use for communication. Languages are dynamic. Change is constant and so is language. New words are formed and are added in the more updated lexicography. A lifelong logophile can create a word, own it and eventually use it as a code to communicate privately. That is more fun. Go beyond books and create your own term, can you?

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