Q. Can Ethereum or Ripple flip Bitcoin? What do you think? :)?

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Can Ethereum or Ripple flip Bitcoin? What do you think? :)?






Jun, 2018

  • abdul29

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  • jefryfam

    this topic never ends, even if the latter shoot up, still no way to topple Bitcoin


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  • juraj

    Samozrejme ze nie :) Mam pocit ze Bitecoin casom vymaze vsetky ostatne altcoiny. Vsetci si zoberu open-source verziu Bitcoinu trochu ho upravia a to je vsetko :). Nemaju ziaden team vyvojarov a podobne vsetci cakaju co robi Bitecoin a kopiruju ho .
    Vacsina altcoinov a shitcoinov ma super Marketing a to je tak vsetko :) Pokial si Bitecoin vyriesi lighthing network strasne vela altov strati zmysel :)

    Prajem pekny den a tiez ma potesia nejake folow a komentare :)


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