Q. What will be your first reaction if you find your partner is cheating on you?

What will be your first reaction if you find your partner is cheating on you?

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Jun, 2018

  • ishaan

    I would be devastated to know that.
    For me trust and loyalty comes before love and to know that my partner is not loyal with me implies that she is not happy with me.
    Knowing this, could end my relation too.


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  • ae1996

    Maybe you can talk with her to clear the situation since you want to continue the relationship. If it’s your fault, then fix it.
    If both of you understand each other, then it’s not a problem.
    If I were in your position, I will break the relationship. I just can’t deal with the cheaters. If something is wrong, it’s better to talk about it first, not cheating. If it can’t be fix, then breakup will be the solution.


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  • pearljam

    I feel what a pity on both partners…

    Not much angry with her..It is aslo due to my fault.

    Try to discuss point at the right moment, when we can share the quality time .

    Because, anger is not the solution. I want to make the relationship stroonger rather than break it.


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