Q. How can we attract more people to Qurito?

I AM a loving person!

How can we attract more people to Qurito?

**How can we attract more people to Qurito?

What is your strategy?

What can do Qurito better, to attract more people?**

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Jun, 2018

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  • pearljam

    The most rapid way to enhance the popularity of Qurito , in my own way, what I think so, as follows :

    1. Referral System , that it already has.
    2. We have to grow our earning here to make people attract to this platform.
    3. Enhance the utility by asking and replying the good quality of content.
    4. Marketing improvement by the Qurito Team, focus to advertisement on various public domains.
    5. Questions have to be shown in sorted, pages wise to get acess them easy. Like Google....From Q.1-10, 11-20,21-30.
    6. Incentives can be enhanced.
    7. It should be reflected in COINMARKETCAP.COM

    Hopefully, it will get better.
    Need patience to subscribers.
    Qurito Team should work harder.

    It will go high if we all concern to each other, to make Qurito better.


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