Q. If u had given a chance time travel where would you go past or the future and why?


If u had given a chance time travel where would you go past or the future and why?






Jun, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • kirti

    i want to go billions of years back and see dinosaurs from my own eyes

    then i want to come a little bit in future and wanna see if mahabharata and ramayan really existed, the gods were real or not

    and then i would go into late 1800’s and meet Mr. Albert Einstein and tell him that theres no one like him in future and also how his atamic thory is being misused in future, i hope he will believe me and make the decissions right

    Thats all i would do if i get a chance to visit past.


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  • chauncy

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  • makaylansom

    Abhishek here who is a block chain investor has asked the question if you had given the chance to time travel so where would you go in past and why. The accepted answer is shared by one who want to move in the time of dinosaurs https://www.australianwritings.com/ to see them with their naked eyes and then realize it.


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  • sebastian73

    past is past , future is future u cant change your change yur destiny even if u change both


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  • linda

    It is a tough choice to make if I’d want to go back and redo the things I think I did wrong or go to the future and also know the things I would do wrong.
    I would choose going to the future because what’s done is done and I’ve learned from them all so going to the future will be a sane and sensible choice


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  • pearljam

    I want to go in the past & had wish to buy Ten ofthousands of BTC.


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  • kiaazad

    Past is boring, I would go to future and enjoy the civilization at it’s finest. plus, there’s no cure to aging in the past.


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