Q. Should we plan trees in our home?

Should we plan trees in our home?

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Jun, 2018

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  • christopher.curio

    Planting of trees is very necessary in our life.Trees are essential to life. They create the very air we breathe and filter air pollution. There are many advantages of planting Trees at home.

    -Trees produce oxygen.

    -Trees provide important habitat for wildlife and are fundamental to many ecosystems on Earth.

    -Trees increase property values. It is well-known that when a home has mature trees growing on the property, it will sell for 7 to 19% more than if there were no trees planted there².

    -Trees help to save energy. Planted strategically, trees on a property near homes and other buildings can help to block wind and create shade. This helps to reduce the need for heating in the winter, and the need for cooling in the summer.

    -You can grow your own fruit or nuts in your backyard. By planting fruit or nut trees in your yard, you can produce abundant food for yourself and your family, and perhaps even enough to share with friends, neighbors, other family members, and others in your community.


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Green T's aren't green teas but green trees. Science has been teaching us to plant trees and save Earth. Numerous times over several years of studying, we have been hearing our science teachers discussing the importance of trees in nature. It gives off oxygen which the humans need to breathe and live. It takes in the carbon dioxide that humans give off. The mutualism that we share with trees and plants is amazing. We get a lot from trees but the act to get more goes beyond the limit. Now, there's illegal logging and other activities of cutting down trees. There might be worse. Could there still be a chance to reconcile ourselves with nature?

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