Q. What is the best coin to invest in?

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What is the best coin to invest in?






Jun, 2018

  • amirhuda

    TRON is the best coin


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  • ondrej

    NPXS for me also :)


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  • matto

    currently NPXS for me :) 7.31% monthly airdrop this year


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  • ronnie

    Veros! Take a look at their bluepaper, and you’ll be amazed how unique their project is!


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  • cryptodad

    my personal opinion - ETH. it is not the “dying” bitcoin and also it is not shitcoin or some super-hyped coin without real usage (the big part of the coins from top 100 by market cap is based on ethereum blockchain, that speaks for itself)


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  • born666

    Zilliqua, QuarkChain and Nuls for me.


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  • abhishek85

    dnt trash me fr saying this but its the hard truth ITS BITCOIN CASH AND TRON


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  • cryptotyl

    I believe in Litecoin :)


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  • juraj

    Dogecoin :D


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