Q. What is the difference between gardening and farming?

What is the difference between gardening and farming?

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Jun, 2018

  • seobhao201

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  • cebnerders

    Gardening and farming are both activities that involve the cultivation of plants, but they differ in several key ways.

    Scale: Gardening is typically done on a much smaller scale than farming. Gardens are usually located in backyards or other residential areas, and they are typically less than an acre in size. Farms, on the other hand, can be hundreds or even thousands of acres in size.

    Purpose: Gardens are typically grown for personal use, while farms are grown for commercial purposes. Gardeners may grow their own food, or they may grow plants for decoration or landscaping. Farmers, on the other hand, grow crops to sell to food processors, supermarkets, and other businesses.

    Methods: Gardeners typically use hand tools to cultivate their plants, while farmers use heavy machinery. Gardeners may also use organic methods of pest and weed control, while farmers may use pesticides and herbicides.

    Crops: Gardeners typically grow a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Farmers, on the other hand, typically focus on black garden ant vs carpenter ant growing a single type of crop, such as corn, soybeans, or wheat.

    Economics: Gardening is typically a hobby, while farming is a business. Gardeners do not typically make a profit from their gardens, while farmers must make a profit in order to stay in business.


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  • velmaloydu

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  • jason88

    I think that every time it comes to distinguishing between gardening and farming, the key difference lies in scale and purpose. Gardening typically involves smaller, personal-scale cultivation of plants, often for personal enjoyment and sustenance. On the other hand, farming tends to be larger in scale, aimed at commercial production, and often involves the cultivation of crops or livestock for a broader market.

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  • amilebills

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  • kymaniedward

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  • saleem

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  • vivaan

    Farming is a profession, gardening is a hobby.
    Both the terms differ in terms of scale, complexity and motive


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