Q. If humans have really evolved from monkeys, then why do monkeys still exists?

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If humans have really evolved from monkeys, then why do monkeys still exists?

Is it a myth, a reality, no one knows, how did we came, were we created or evolved, if evolved from monkeys then why didnt all moneys or apes
evolved, why only us?






Jun, 2018

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  • cryptodad

    that is because evolution is based on mutation in genes that helps survive. the mutation is at begining individual thing - so it occurs in one chimp, then after that one chimp has childs, the mutated gene is transfered to them, then at their childs and so on. now imagine 100 of chimps from which only 10 has some mutations that matters. all of them are pretty adapted to survive and if the enviroment is not changed in some radical way, they do not have much reasons to extinct “right now”. their genes will flow to later generations too, also as that mutated ones. and that mutated - each of them has some other mutation, so after few hundreds or thousands of years - tha later generations will have pretty mixed sorts of that (and ewven another mutations that occured later etc). after tens or hundreds of thousands years, that will produce entirely new species (but the 90+% of DNA will be still same)

    btw: we are not from “chimpanzes” and not even “monkeys”, we had previous ancestor that was neither one of them but from which we, but also chimpanzes and other humanoid apes evolved


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  • roman

    ive always thought this! evolution takes milliosn of years too! so ive never beleived in it. for evolution to occur there needs to be a need to change/ adapt/ improve, to meet conditions/ improve abilities. so if all these species started off and then evolved of the years, based on the reason for evolution then they certianlty wouldnt still exisits millions of years later!

    its all a load of BS


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  • crypto.bit182

    if there are 100 species of fish and 1 of them will developing to reptiles, does that mean other species will cease to exist?


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  • 9lives

    There are very detailed answers regarding this argument (why X still exists because the Y evolved from it) in the evelution theory, which I’d suggest to research if you’re interested.
    If I’m wrong correct me but I’m pretty sure the evolution theory suggest human species evolved from chimpanzees not monkeys.


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  • doru

    I don´t belive in these theory! I belive in a GOD as a creator. Yes it is a belive, like the evolution as a theory is and not as a science!


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