Q. Being an engineer will you accept a non-technical job if you fail to get a technical one?

Being an engineer will you accept a non-technical job if you fail to get a technical one?

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Jun, 2018

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  • ishaan

    I am an engineer and I can tell you what exactly happens in an engineer’s mind while looking for a good job.
    While the initial years of engineering, it feels like we engineers are the ones that make this world function and there’s nothing that we can’t do.
    As it is just the beginning, all that has to be is studying and chilling with friends.
    After a couple of semesters the actual reality starts kicking in.
    When realization occurs about what it will actually take to be an engineer like knowing things in depth and understanding them well.
    That is when potential engineers start landing back on earth from the seventh sky.
    Then comes the final stage when everybody realizes that what they considered to be good is not good enough and it is going to take a lot more to reach where they want to reach.
    After this, begins the struggle to make one’s self good enough to be worthy of a satisfactory opportunity.
    A job is a job.
    Undoubtedly, being an engineer one feels that there are some specific tasks that are made for engineers to do and engineers can only do those tasks.
    What matters more is that don’t let your growth be stagnant, keep doing what comes your way.
    Choose what you think is the best for you from the options you have at that point of time.
    You never know if what you thought to be the best for you turns out to be a complete failure and the one that you thought to be the worst choice for you would be most suited for you.
    Being an engineer and doing a non-technical job doesn’t make you any less of an engineer, so yes I would accept a non-technical job I would like to do it and want to do it.


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