Q. What is a life hack that you think everyone should know?

What is a life hack that you think everyone should know?

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Jul, 2018

  • cebnerders

    A life hack is an easy way to accomplish a goal, whether it be personal or professional. I’m sure you’ve come across a few of these yourself — clever ways to organize your https://simplegrad.com/best-essay-wr... workspace or find your phone. I think everyone should know about them, so here are 6 life hacks that will help you become more productive.


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  • brittanyims

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  • thorty

    persistence pays off


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  • pearljam

    How u live a life…What you miss…what u gained or achieve....

    there is one life-hack…on which it depends upon

    that is....”Time Management”.

    What the situation demands..What should be done.....How it can be achieved....

    All questions can be substantially solved by proper managemnt of time.


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There are a lot of tasks that we find difficult to perform and wish if there would be a trick to get it done easily. A simple trick to solve a mathematical problem or an easy tip to keep the fruits fresh may seem like a blessing in disguise. Although, the only way to learn something is by doing it, there's no shortcut to success. Tips and tricks can definitely cut down some time and efforts and turn hard work into smart work.

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