Q. What is your crypto strategy?

What is your crypto strategy?

Some long-term? short-term? short? alts? BTC?






Jul, 2018

  • umehen33

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  • miyamotomusasi

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  • ajinkya1396

    Buy & hold (long-term investment)
    The main way of minimizing investment risks when dealing with cryptocurrencies is by forming a basket of several coins and holding it for a long time. This allows the trader to balance risks and maximize a probability that the average portfolio value will increase over time.


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  • roman

    alt coins for me.
    medium to long term / 2- 5 years .
    i need to learn to take profits as the markets goes up and down and corrects, then reinvest, therfore gradually increasing holdings


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  • cryptotyl

    Alts and long term.


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  • ronnie

    First, I will invest in some cryptos I think has a great future in 2-3 years time. I invest the amount I wish to HODL until I decide to sell them in the future.

    Then the rest I will invest in short-term swing trading. Investing in cryptos that has fallen at least 15-20% and sell until getting a 150%-200% profit. Do this over and over, until you get bigger and bigger profits.


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