Q. Which is the best hairstyle you have ever had?

Which is the best hairstyle you have ever had?

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Jul, 2018

  • cryptotyl

    The best ones are short hair. I like Tom Cruise style.


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  • panoramix

    Bald. Maintenance was never so easy.


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  • daven

    My sister cut my hair once starting from the fringe and i looked like Cristobal Columbus for a day…was the last time i allowed someone to cut my hair…


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  • cryptodad

    this will looks somewhat bad - because it is so popular hairstyle today, but i think the uppercut is the best for me after many years (i tried many variations of shorter cuts before)


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  • pearljam

    Long hairs ....adjusted into many styles as depends on mood .


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  • anhwaydn



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Messy hairs don't care! This is one of the famous captions on Facebook and Instagram by people who actually look good even with a messy hair. Not all people look good with it, though. Your hair is the crown you never take off; invest on it. People around the world have different hairstyles, yet most women settle for a long hair that signifies their femininity since the early times. Some also choose to have a short hairstyle as a product of post modernism. However, men aren't so picky when it comes to hairstyles. Yet, most of their hairstyles signify their social status.

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