Q. Why are electric automobiles so costly?

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Why are electric automobiles so costly?

Electric automobiles are made to reduce the pollution and the use of petrol, but why are they so costly? It should be cheap instead that people will easily skip on them from their petrol vehicles


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Jul, 2018

2 Answers
  • amilebills

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  • kiaazad

    their technology is young and still needs some refining, plus, the demand is higher than supply at the moment and that drives the price high


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In the rapid advancing of globalization, you can now think of the possibility of flying cars, futuristic cars that only exist in a sci-fi movie and novel. As for the present, you may want to have a solar car to make use of the sun’s energy. Why not? Neither oil industry nor elites own the sun. Add the electric cars in your list. A must try parking shades that block sunlight to charge electric cars.

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