Q. What will happen if I won’t follow my religion?

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What will happen if I won’t follow my religion?

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Jul, 2018

  • cryptodad

    internally - if you are asking this question, then probably nothing more.
    external effects are different - based on where you live as place on earth as community and society - there are still plenty of places where the religion based behavior is pretty strong and in some of them you could end seriously wrong.


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  • kiaazad

    you would become smarter.
    or perhaps you are already smart enough to reject any religion


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  • pearljam

    Nothing More....U can understand the importance of religion.


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Faith in god is the foundation of every religion. Among people the depth of belief in a divine power shows the rooted existence of religion is every part of the world. There are many functions of religion that are responsible for nurturing the society; it provides social unity through shared rituals and beliefs, also social discipline through morals and norms to control the society. With faith, trust and appropriate attitude, religion keeps us attached to god.

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