Q. What is the that you expect your best friend to be like?

What is the that you expect your best friend to be like?

A best friend is like a blessing in disguise. I think everyone would have at least one person by their side that they can consider being their best friend. What are the qualities that you wish your best friend should have that can strengthen your friendship even further?bff

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Jul, 2018

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  • vivaan

    Friends become our chosen family.
    I would want my best friend to be the person that understands me the most, who could listen to my unsaid words.
    Its okay for that person to not be inspiring or motivating but what I need is someone that won’t judge me for the things I do and the decisions I take.
    My best friend would be the one who would stand by side all the way along.


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Chum-pal-bro-sis-bestie-beshie-bhai and all the endearments and bonding you have with friends are incomparable. Sometimes it can be more than the bond you have with your siblings. This is a special kind of relationship that also requires love and trust. There's no such thing as friendship with conditions. It should always be in every season. Everything is perfectly imperfect and we just need friends to understand and accept us completely; a person who shares with us the same perspective about what friendship is. Few real ones are better than having tons of fake friends around you. However, before desiring for real friendship, be sure you can offer one.

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