Q. Why don’t government stop the tobacco or cigarette manufacturing companies instead of giving ads?

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Why don’t government stop the tobacco or cigarette manufacturing companies instead of giving ads?


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Jul, 2018

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  • cryptodad
    1. special tax on tobacco products
    2. person that smokes die younger - that means less finance from social insurance - another positive income for state


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  • maanya

    According to The Tobacco Atlas, estimates of revenues from the global tobacco industry likely approach a half trillion U.S. dollars annually. In 2010, the combined profits of the six leading tobacco companies was U.S. $35.1 billion, equal to the combined profits of Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and McDonald’s in the same year.
    If trends continue, one billion people will die from tobacco use and exposure during the 21st century – one person every six seconds. Globally, tobacco-related deaths have nearly tripled in the past decade.
    A government is responsible for many aspects like the economy of the country as well as the health and care of the citizens.
    The tobacco industry is a highly flourishing industry all around the world so obviously, it would be adding on to the countries economy.
    Considering the fact that it is a profitable industry more and more people will engage in it.
    Over-population and unemployment are already hanging over the nation’s prosperity and in situations like these, the government might not feel okay to ban tobacco industry and create additional issues.
    Moreover, I believe it is a matter of personal choice to consume tobacco.
    No matter what government does people will somehow figure out a way to produce and consume tobacco.
    Why do intelligent humans lead their life on the way they know death and pain will follow them. It is stupidity.
    I am not in favor of the government and the production of tobacco, just trying to convey my version of current reality.


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