Q. Which are the most useful languages to learn and why?

Which are the most useful languages to learn and why?

Language is the most efficient way of communication in which views can be conveyed in the most convenient manner.
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Jul, 2018

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  • derek

    The Top 10 languages being spoken in the world are as followed
    • Chinese
    • Spanish
    • English
    • Hindi
    • Arabic
    • Portuguese
    • Bengali
    • Russian
    • Japanese
    • Punjabi/lahnda
    Now let’s talk about what are the languages that we must know.
    There’s is no bar or limit for learning languages, one can try learning as many languages as one can.
    Different sections of the world have different languages being spoken.
    It is very necessary to know the local language or the most common language being spoken at the place you live.
    There might be a case that your mother tongue would differ from the regional language at the place of your residence, but even then you must know the regional language as you can communicate only through that language and not your mother tongue.
    Life becomes easy if you can communicate well.
    When people migrate from their origins to different parts of the world, they often get detached from their roots, culture and language.
    Which in my opinion shouldn’t happen, we must be well aware of our culture and the language associated with it.
    These were the types of languages that we must know apart from these, one can learn the majorly used international languages that I have listed above.
    The more you know, the better.


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  • thorty

    English is most ‘international’ language. In terms of number of speakers however, Mandarin has the most native speakers, followed by Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic.


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Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic - five of the most spoken languages out of the 6909 living languages around the world listed recently. Aside from that, there are also rare languages that a specific group of people use for communication. Languages are dynamic. Change is constant and so is language. New words are formed and are added in the more updated lexicography. A lifelong logophile can create a word, own it and eventually use it as a code to communicate privately. That is more fun. Go beyond books and create your own term, can you?

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