Q. Is spirit in our body? If so, why aren't we able to realize it?

Is spirit in our body? If so, why aren't we able to realize it?

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Jul, 2018

  • pearljam

    you know your spirit that lives in your body.
    If u ignore it, it is your fault.
    Please try to observe and follow it.

    Please focus on below…

    When you do anything wrong with others intentionally, your inner spirit will prohibit to do so. But what you do, you ignore the pious part of your inner side and do the wrong for either your selfish needs or not willing to do the wrong evil deeds with others.

    So, you recognize the inner part of your body.


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  • maanya

    Do I have a soul or I am a soul?
    This is one among the most intriguing questions I have ever heard.
    We are souls, we have bodies.
    Now comes another doubt, if I am a soul and this is my temporary body then why do I feel this temporary body more and the soul less?
    The way of spirituality leads you to yourself, to self-awareness and self-acknowledgement.
    It takes a lot of understanding or all that is around us and all that is within us to know truly about our existence.


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  • crypto.bit182

    How do you know gravity works for you? Have you ever seen it? Have you ever held it?
    According to me, we just need to define the soul’s manifestations.


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When we think about spirit that spirit is referring to invisible soul. Spirit in other word is invisible active energy of universal force. Every creature's physical forms are active due to presence of soul or spirit. It's like catalytic agent. Like oxygen. That remains unaffected during any action. A person, who wants to turn spiritual, should try to introvert his energy through meditation. One should change the mind from material gains by observing your own thoughts without chasing thoughts. Spirituality is self-realization.

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