Q. How will a country become economical strong?

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How will a country become economical strong?

in a country where there is corruction on an extreme level and the government doesnt even care for it, how will the country develope and how will the economical growth of that country increase?

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Jul, 2018

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  • dan54

    The answer is they don’t!

    The corruption of politiciand, banks, and corporations knows no bounds!

    The parasites of our society will keep leaching the people dry until we can no longer afford to consume goods and thus captalisim begins to fail!

    The parasites in control are like alcoholics and profit is their favourite beer, they can’t stop smashing profits! They go through every hangover, recession, like it is nothing and then they abuse more profits until they kill the very thing they need to survive, captalism.

    You can see the trend across the globe, governments sell infastructure, the right to make laws, and people economic freedom to the highest bidder!

    “People with empty bellies have nothing left to lose” (this is what the greedy forget) RUSSIA 1917!

    The world governments will create global police states to control people in an oligarchy system!

    The only way a country can truly grow with it’s people is to adopt the socialist principles of the scandanavian countries! They are decades ahead of the rest of the globe!

    They jail bankers, polticians are kept under control! (rub eyes in disbelief) They pay a living wage to people without work and they have nationalized companies that earn money for the government and pay back some of the profits to every citizen!

    The more people have to spend, the more they consume and the better business does, which leads to more GDP and a better economy for a country!


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Supply, demand and rate, defines economy. The surplus production at on place is sent to a place of scarcity. With the growth in population it has been quite a task for countries to maintain a balanced economy. Economics is the study of making sound choices. An economically literate population improves the public ability to comprehend and evaluate critical issues. Economy is the art of making the most of all, which includes not just earning well but also spending well.

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