Q. What attracts you to stay here @Qurito?

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What attracts you to stay here @Qurito?






Jul, 2018

2 Answers
  • mortdeus

    I think the underlying idea where you generate cryptocurrency in exchange for the users participation, that they can then trade for other cryptocurrencies off site; is essentially hitting the nail right on the head, when considering where cryptocurrencies and blockchain’s true innovative potential lies.

    Now we just need something to spent our coins on in the app to give them fudiciary value to somebody who isn’t a part of the community and would like to excercise the same limited capabilities granted to those who are most invested. (for example, what if we could compete in an auction and trade quirito coins to become universally visibile for all users for a limited amount of time?)


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  • billionpraiz

    i love the fact people get to answer my quetions


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