Q. Who is your favourite music artist?

Who is your favourite music artist?






Aug, 2018

  • roaan

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  • jacobpjones

    You’ll never run out of options if you’re looking for a music artist to follow. There are countless blogs listing some of the top names in the industry for the year 2021 and these artists cover a wide range of genres. When it comes to favorites, that’s a subjective question and one that will boil down to a person’s interests and even how a person identifies with a particular musician.
    But if you’re asking me, one of the names that come to mind is Asher Laub. If you look him up on YouTube, you’ll find his channel that chronicles his journey as an electric violinist, a soloist, and a music composer and producer. He’s performed in some of the most iconic venues in the country and when you watch his performances, you’ll really connect with his energetic spirit. His YouTube channel has his song covers, vlogs, his very own compositions, performances, interviews, and playlists showcasing his versatility as an artist.
    He also has a website that features his featured products, gallery, and the event entertainment services they offer. You can also visit AsherLaub.com if you want to listen to the music of this one-of-a-kind live performer.


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  • vaibhavi

    Arijit Singh is my favourite singer, he is a really talented and soulful singer.


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What kind of music sets your mood each day? Most of us say that music speaks when we can no longer express ourselves in words. Music has been evolving for years now. Thousands of years ago, there were no available musical instruments yet different kinds of musical instruments are invented and many genius musicians later on rose to fame. You're maybe one of the music lovers who follow renowned musicians in the world and plays your own instrument impressively. Or, you can be a simple individual who is trying real hard to learn a single instrument. Music is planted in the hearts of men and they can never be separated.

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