Q. Do you have any pets?

Do you have any pets?






Sep, 2018

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  • bryanrogers

    Yes, I have a pet Dog. The four-leg friends often assist a lot to achieve a goal. While a club wants to make more profit with less investment, hosting a pet party fundraising is the best option. This is one of the club fundraising ideas and excellent opportunity for club members to stimulate their team spirit and make the desired money for a worthy cause.


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Pet Care

You hear the meow-meow and the bow-wow and you understand that they are feeling something within. They could be hungry or they just want to be snuggled. Like humans, animals also have their basic needs may it be domesticated or wild animals. Lucky for those animals that are pets at home where their needs are already met. Having pets is having another responsibility and that's pet care. Proper food and dieting, proper hygiene, regular health check; and a good place to live be all that you need to provide them. Wow, that sounds like it's better to be a pet.

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