Q. What is the value of this (Qurito) website?


What is the value of this (Qurito) website?

Qurito is lacking in that there is little worthwhile information to read about. Furthermore, there is little incentive to post and earn QUROS as the price is and has been almost worthless since its debut.

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Nov, 2018

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  • tonystark

    Value is priceless.

    As per my opinion, Qurito has a long way to go to be recognised in the Q&A community. It’s an idea to monetise Q&A in a unique way which no other co-existing platform has. It needs to be accepted by the community who have been using websites like Quora for years now. Also, not everyone likes to write for money, many people write out of their generosity and helpfulness as what i have seen on Quora. I am a regular Qurito user but won’t judge and compare it with Quora as it’s been several months since the platform is launched while Quora has been for years now.

    I strongly disagree as considering the price of QURO impacting the user activity as it would never impact the crowd who is already using Quora and wants to write and ask for FREE. Qurito will need time for its adaption and acceptance among writers as it’s bringing monetisation on the table which is exciting and new for the users.

    What i have witnessed from the past few months, Qurito has a long way to go but it will certainly reach that stage. It’s incremental and progressive rather than a milestone.


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It is a platform that serves curious people who wish to learn and share knowledge. It is a stage that enables you to come up with your questions and get them answered. Here poles can be posted to know popular public choices. As knowledge is an undeletable wealth why not share it. At Qurito you can answer the questions that you know about. Answer them and earn rewards. Qurito is the means to redefine your curiosity.

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