Q. Crypto Bull Run?!? When?!? —> Check description below...?

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Crypto Bull Run?!? When?!? —> Check description below...?

Some of highest rated Crypto Projects around the Globe, that haven’t distributed Tokens nor have been listed to an Exchange by now,(Obviously because of the market condition) have decided to set a deadline for Q3/Q4-2019 for distributing Tokens and listing on Exchange! Most of them are already having a working Product or else said - The Fruit of their work!
What you think? 🤔 When we’ll see the first serious Bull Run?!
Q2-2019 ?! Q3-2019 ?! Q4-2019 ?!
Or maybe 2020 ?!






Jan, 2019

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  • gudo4ek

    Sooner or later the market will unfold, you need to believe


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