Q. What are your views on Qurito? What changes you wish to see in the platform?

Redefining Curiosity!

What are your views on Qurito? What changes you wish to see in the platform?






Feb, 2019

  • charleswalker

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  • skillet

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  • jordihirthe

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  • kiaazad
    • description for polls to explain a hypothetical situation before asking the question
    • type your own answer for pools
    • synchronize the folders so when we filter one pie chart, the other charts show the overal for the filtered portion. it would be interesting to see for example which age group voted for which option more.
    • my firefox spell check never worked from begining, most be some conflict with the addons i have. a simple form option would be nice.
    • markdown editor
    • filter in/out questions by, new, seen by me, answered by me
    • reminder to upvote after answering a question, I often miss that
    • and finally, some incentive for the users to hold QURO, like more powerful votes, more reward for holders. you know, holding drives up the value.


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It is a platform that serves curious people who wish to learn and share knowledge. It is a stage that enables you to come up with your questions and get them answered. Here poles can be posted to know popular public choices. As knowledge is an undeletable wealth why not share it. At Qurito you can answer the questions that you know about. Answer them and earn rewards. Qurito is the means to redefine your curiosity.

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