Q. What are the best way to get rid of headache?

What are the best way to get rid of headache?

What’s the reason for headache? Am I suffering from migraine?






Feb, 2019

  • marshallkimberly25

    Headache is a very common health issue that anyone can have. Anyone can have it at any time. Any age of people experience headache and there are very simple and easy ways to get rid of headache. There are different types of headache exists. Here I will discuss about some easy ways that will help to reduce headache.
    • In case of migraine, put cold pack or ice cubes wrapped on towels in the forehead can give relief. Or one can put the cold pack in the neck or back of the head to get relief from headache.
    • Heating pad can also help in reducing headache. For tension headache place the heating pad in the neck or back of the head. If you have sinus headache can trouble you. Placing the heating pad in the area of hurt can also reduce the headache.
    • Talking or chewing can increase your headache. So, avoid talking much and do not chew as much as possible and stay in a dark area to calm your eyes. It will help to get better fast.
    • Take some tea or coffee to beat the headache. Tea or coffee has caffeine which is good to reduce headache. Do not take much caffeine containing stuff as it may have withdrawal symptoms.
    • Massaging your head gently will help ease headache. Do not put much pressure in the forehead.
    • Medications will also help reducing headache efficiently. There are a number of medicines available in the pharmacies. One can use Soma pill to get relief from headache within 20 to 40 minutes of the intake. The Soma pill can be bought without a prescription. So, one must know the dosing information of the Soma pill. It is important to know about Soma dosage to avoid any bad use of it. Correct information will help to get better fast. However, it is better to consult a doctor before taking the medication.


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  • lylia1

    Headaches are a very common form of pain that a person can suffer from. It can be very excruciating. There are various types and reasons for headaches, which can be numbered up to 150 types, the treatment of which depends accordingly. Some common types of headaches are mentioned below:
    Primary Headaches:
    These types of headaches do not occur due to medical issues. Some of the types of primary headaches include cluster headaches, migraine, New Persistent Headaches or NDPH, and tension headaches.
    Secondary headaches:
    These types of headaches occur due to underlying health or medical issues. Some of the types of secondary headaches include injury of the head, brain blood vessels issue, high BP, sinus, trauma, infection, tumor, or overuse of certain medications.
    If you think you are suffering from migraine you must be suffering from the following symptoms moderate or chronic pain followed by pounding or throbbing pain that lasts for hours or days, nausea, sensitivity to like and noise, pain in the abdomen, or upset stomach.
    The best way to get relief from headaches depends entirely on the type of headache you are suffering from. Some common methods which are very helpful to provide relief from headaches include: maintaining a proper diet and correct posture, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy sleep cycle, and minimizing the hours spent on smart gadgets like mobile phones and computer screens. One can also use medications like Tapentadol IR (Immediate- Release). Tapentadol helps to provide relief from chronic pain within 30 minutes of consuming the tablet.
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  • rachealbrown27

    One of the effective way to manage headache is by taking Soma dosage. It is a muscle relaxer that helps by preventing the sensation of pain from the affected part from reaching the brain of the person. So, it is best for one to take Soma dosage. The use of Soma can help in managing acute pain that are short living. The use of Soma can be very effective in fighting sharp and severe pain in users. So, it is best for one to take Soma dosage in managing pain in the user.


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  • christine

    Hi! Understanding the causes of a headache can help in finding the solution from the pain or tension. This condition or pain can be found on any part of the head or on either one/both temples. The pain that a headache causes most often starts in a targeted area and will spread to different areas. Those who suffer from headaches will equate their pain to either throbbing, sharp, or gradual. In this, patients often mention the condition lasting from a few minutes to several days.

    When it comes to headaches, there are two different types or categories that the International Headache Society uses.

    Tension Headache

    It is the most common form of a primary headache and begins slowly and gradually in the middle of the day. It can be either episodic or chronic. Its symptoms include a constant, dull ache on both sides, pain that spreads to or from the neck and the patient feeling as if he/she has a tight band around the head.


    Migraine is usually a throbbing pain that occurs only on one side of the head. Most often, it is accompanied by nausea, blurred vision, and sensory disturbances. It is the second most common form of a primary headache and it significantly impacts the life of the person suffering from it. It may last for a few hours or, in worst cases, for 2 or 3 days.

    Rebound headache

    Rebound headaches are also known as medication-overuse headaches. This clearly suggests that such a headache is caused due to the excessive use of medication to treat headache symptoms. It is the most common cause of a secondary headache. Generally, it begins early in the day and likely persists throughout the day. The problem with such headaches is that although they improve with the use of pain medication, once its effects wear off, they worsen. It is accompanied by neck pain, restlessness, reduced quality of sleep and a feeling of nasal congestion.

    Cluster headaches

    Going by their name, cluster headaches occur suddenly every day for periods ranging from weeks to months. Usually lasting anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 hours, cluster headaches occur from once to up to eight times a day. In between clusters, no headache symptoms persist. Cluster headaches are one-sided (typically located in or around one eye), severe and sharp or burning.

    (https://bottichiropractic.com/massag... therapy) is the best solution for your any type of headaches. As the massage therapy will help you to get rid of headaches. By removing tension in the body through massage therapy, it promotes a greater level of relaxation, effectively reducing stress in the body and in the mind. Depending on the severity of pain or condition, it may take a few massage therapy sessions to notice a distinct difference.


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  • rsaxena50

    Headache is usually defined as a pain in the head or upper neck, and are more complicated than what we realize. There are nearly 150 different kinds of headaches, and each one has their own set of symptoms, reasons, and treatment. Find out more about it here https://www.whitecoats.com/consumer/...


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