Q. How do I increase my productivity at work?

How do I increase my productivity at work?

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Jun, 2019

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    A communication tool can help. To increase productivity, the tool should not interfere with your natural way of working. Clariti is one business productivity tool that increases productivity without imposing any burden on the users. The app fits into the way you work, not the other way around. It’s a great tool and it is free.


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Profession is synonymous to occupation or job that a person has. Usually, we call someone a professional when they have acquired a formal training and are qualified to do a specific job. There are uncountable professions in the world available for billions of people. There are even some professions you may not have thought to exist. You can choose to pursue a highly-paid profession or you can have the simplest job that suits well with your competence. Profession and passion shouldn't be separated. Moreover, it should be respected and well-compensated. If dirty profession was well-compensated; what more with those that work with credibility?

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