Q. Openbazaar seed restore hangs and give error?

Openbazaar seed restore hangs and give error?

$ '/usr/lib/openbazaar2/resources/openbazaar-go/openbazaard' restore -d ~/openbazaar-restore -m "van word2 sock unable account ripple stove march dove sick shoe garment"

This command will override any current user data as well as destroy your existing keys and history. Are you really, really sure you want to continue? (y/n): y

Generating Ed25519 keypair...Done

2019/09/02 09:21:59 Initializing OpenBazaar node at /home/m/openbazaar-restore

Starting node...

Failed to find followers.json

Failed to find ratings.json

Failed to find listings.json

Failed to find following.json

Failed to find profile.json

It stops here, forever






Sep, 2019

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