Q. Can someone share Digital Ocean promo codes for free credit?

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Can someone share Digital Ocean promo codes for free credit?

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Sep, 2019

Accepted Answer
  • tonystark

    You can simply register using my promo link for a FREE $50 credit! : https://m.do.co/c/3cb2a991bbd4

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    Once you are on https://m.do.co/c/3cb2a991bbd4 you will see a message like :
    Free credit active: You have a $50, 30-day credit from a friend. Complete registration to get started. on top of the page.

    Complete your registration by entering your Full Name, Email Address and Password and you’re done! Enjoy your free $50 credit. Hope you build something great.

    I highly recommend registering using the link https://m.do.co/c/3cb2a991bbd4 for a free $50 credit. Meanwhile, you can also use the below promo/coupon codes for extra free credits upto $15.

    • CodeAnywhere10
    • DO10
    • ALLSSD10
    • WP10
    • DROPLET10
    • DEPLOY10
    • ACTIVATE10
    • DONEWS


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  • cpr999


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