Q. How to install HP wireless printer setup?

How to install HP wireless printer setup?

If you want to perform hp wireless printer setup for the first time, follow the steps:

  1. Get the printer out of the package and check all the items are there in the list for HP wireless printer setup

  2. Pull up the scanner lid to untie the packaging tape around it

  3. Remove the tape and other packaging material from the cleanout area and Ink cartridge

  4. Peel off the sticker from the control panel of the HP Printer

  5. Get the packaging tape removed from the paper tray and push the paper tray forward until it clicks

  6. Plug in the printer to a power source near your computer and set preferences

  7. Press the down arrow in the control panel to configure the language settings

  8. Press the down arrow to select the country / region

  9. Press yes after each action

  10. Slot in the papers in the paper tray and push it back to its rightful place

  11. Load the ink cartridge through the access door which is raised and locked into place

  12. As the door is raised, the carriage automatically moves to an accessible position

  13. Take the ink cartridge out of the package and remove the tape

  14. Put the cartridge in its slot and push it until it clicks

  15. Close the ink cartridge access door and align the cartridge according to the instruction on the control panel

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Apr, 2020

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