Q. Adhesives for your full cap human hair wigs - What’s the difference?


Adhesives for your full cap human hair wigs - What’s the difference?

Are you planning to introduce a hairpiece in your life for a perfect look? If so then you must make it an important part of your morning routine. Just like the way you brush your teeth and change clothes; you need to give equal attention to your Full cap human hair wigs too. You need to, brush, wash, and apply all required hair products – mandatorily, for treating it just like a naturally-growing hair. The toupee which you selected for you can be put in 2 different ways.

● By applying glue on the hair system: Hairpieces, in this case, will be placed on your head with the application of glue. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep the hairpiece in position. The glue is not even visible. You should rub an amount of glue on the scalp first, before putting the glue-on men’s hair pieces. Putting glue-on hairpieces may make you feel comfortable and you may prefer to keep Toupee for extended periods. But it’s not recommended as it can seep through the cap. Leave it for not more than a week without a wash.
● Use Hair tape on the Hair system: The tape used for the system will be placed circling your scalp only based on the perimeter of your cap. If you wish, you can make a mix and match of glue and tape on some parts. Adhesive tape for Hairpiece is, double-sided. We recommend adding liner tape first, followed by actual hairpiece tape to avoid tear while opening.

Both tape and glue are equally good for making firm placement of the hair system on your head. All that is important is good maintenance for the long-lasting durability of the toupee. Shop it from one of the leading online stores at the best price.

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Jul, 2020

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