Q. What are the guidelines for 24 hours cancellation policy of Aeromexico?

What are the guidelines for 24 hours cancellation policy of Aeromexico?

Aeromexico Airlines provides a suitable cancellation policy in favor of those passengers who might need the service due to the unexpected occurrence of an important event. So whenever a person who is supposed to catch his Aeromexico Airlines flight shortly, now request to cancel the same because of another important work, must consider the rules given under the policy for a cancellation. Moreover, the rules stated under the 24 hours flight cancellation policy of Aeromexico Airlines are defined in the points given below.

· According to the 24 hours flight cancellation policy of Aeromexico Airlines, a passenger is permitted to cancel a flight within this time line without the deduction of any extra charge and get the full refund from them

· On the other hand, even if you are cancelling your flight within 24 hour time period but its scheduled departure is anywhere before one week, then the extra fee is applicable

· The extra fee charged by the Aeromexico Airlines on a flight cancellation after 24 hour timeline is not fixed as it varies on the basis of fare rule for a particular booked ticket

· Apart from that, Aeromexico Airlines passengers are allowed to cancel only those booked ticket in exchange of a refund which are purchase on its website or directly through them via other means

· Besides, Aeromexico passengers who have cancelled a flight must request for a refund, which they get from the airlines within a stipulated time after deduction of the cancellation charges from it

Therefore, going through the guidelines as per the Aeromexico cancellation policy is essential for the people who regrettably want to cancel their booked flight due to some unavoidable situation. Besides, if a person has any other flight reservation or cancellation related inquiry, they can connect directly to their customer support center for receiving assistance from a live executive.






Jul, 2020

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