Q. How to cancel Air France flight online?

How to cancel Air France flight online?

Flight cancellation are indeed troubling and it is also hard to avoid the inescapable reasons that might have lead them. However, there are somethings that passengers can do to avoid any inconvenience with their cancellations. Besides they can also save the valuable ticket purchase amount and avoid the cancellation charges also.

When it comes to the Air France, the airline has made it simple for its passengers to make their cancellations online. Despite all this, the Air France cancellation policy is also quite flexible to make the cancellations considerably better and less troubling. Hence, read further to know about the online cancellation process of Air France.

Online Process To Make Flight Cancellations On Air France

· At first, visit the My Bookings tab on the official Air France website in your web browser.

· Here, fill in the Booking reference number & the passenger’s last name in their respective particulars.

· Hit the Search button to fetch your Air France flight details and then look for the Cancel Reservations button.

· Now, follow the onscreen instructions to finish the online Air France flight cancellations process.

Therefore, you should be able to cancel your Air France flight tickets online, however, as per the Air France cancellation policy, you are allowed to make free cancellation only if you do it within 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled take off time. For further info on the airline’s cancellation policy, contact the Air France’s customer services & talk to the professional executives.






Aug, 2020

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