Q. How to recover Google account?

How to recover Google account?

Acquire simple method to recover forgot Gmail password on Android Phone
Gmail account is most important for all who send proper information through email services to their clients and users. It allows you to use on Android device by just configuring the Gmail account using its correct email address and password. If you have done everything and properly configured your Gmail account on your Android device, you can access your Gmail’s inbox directly at any time.
But if you have changed the password or you forgot the changed password on any other website, there might be difficult accessing your Gmail account easily. To solve this issue, you need to recover forgot Gmail account promptly.
Following are the ways to recover forgot Gmail password on Android device easily:
• At first, turn on your Android device and go to the Gmail app to access your account via appropriate credentials.
• Now select forgot option if you are unable to access and then select the phone number that you have registered.
• Click on the verify button or I don’t my password and enter the email address and submit it to confirm.
• Now enter the verification code and see the password recovery link allows entering the new password at the end.
If you still don’t know Google Account Recovery, you should contact our tech support team through Google customer service that is available for help at any time.

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Jan, 2021

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