Q. What’s the best university major?

What’s the best university major?

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Feb, 2021

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  • klaudiapunctus

    University has opened up so many opportunities for so many students and, in my opinion, it’s one of society’s greatest achievements. However, if you choose the wrong major, then you won’t get the value out of it that you could be getting. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make so I recommend really taking your time over it. You need to really understand who you are and what your ambitions are. Through this, you’ll be able to draw a path from where you are now to a point in the future where you are at your happiest. Somewhere along this path will be the right university course.

    A simple way to do this is to think about careers. Of course, those aiming to become criminal lawyers will need a law degree. People who seek to become doctors need a degree in medicine. These are obvious. In this case, the best university major is the one that leads to the career of your dreams. However, many people don’t have a clear career path in mind and want to keep their options open.

    If you have no idea what job you will end up doing, then the best university major may simply be the subject that you find the most interesting. Perhaps you love history or art or politics. If so, then pursue your passion. All of these courses can lead to interesting, fulfilling, and well-paying careers. If you want to enjoy your course, then make sure you choose a subject that excites you each and every day.
    There is no clear answer to your question. I wouldn’t say that any major is necessarily better than any other. However, I hope I’ve shown you how you can find the best major for you. I personally did a degree in law and even though I’m not now a lawyer, I can vouch that it was the perfect choice for me. You can find out more about law as a potential career path on this website.


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“Welcome to the company! We’re looking forward to be working with you. Do your best!” Few years back, you were just the “young, dumb, broke high school kid” in town. Now you’re aiming for a better status.
You passed with flying colors. Your extra-curricular activities and academics were well-balanced. You thought you’re cream of the crop ready for the real world. Readied for your first interview, you said, “I can do this!”
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