Q. What’s a goth party like?

What’s a goth party like?

goth party





May, 2021

  • micheal_jason

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  • thomasfeliciano

    Just like any other party! There’s a common misconception that goths are filled with darkness and depression, but they do know how to have fun. Their parties are like any other, a venue where likeminded individuals come together. There’s music, booze, and dancing, just like any other normal party.
    Of course, you might see that they dress differently than your normal folks. But they shouldn’t be judged just because of their sense of style. They do not worship the devil, nor will they offer you as sacrifice. In fact, lots of them are good people.
    If you’ve recently got acquainted with a goth and got invited to one of their parties, don’t be afraid. You might want to consider dressing up like them, even just for once, to show your appreciation. Click here to check out some awesome goth clothing for concerts, festivals, etc.


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