Q. How should I get rid of mold?
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    After many years of dealing with mold, I think I’ve found the perfect mold removal method. I used to think strong chemicals were necessary and, while bleach does work well, this isn’t the safest option. Mold is harmful to your lungs but so are the chemicals from toxic cleaners. That’s why I now tend to use a natural mix of vinegar and water. It’s just as effective but much safer, especially if you’ve got kids in the house.

    However, this still isn’t the best strategy. To truly deal with the problem, get a mold inspection. This way, a professional will come to your home and work to completely remove any trace. Once it’s fully removed, it’s hard to grow back again. They’ll also identify the cause which is another reason I find this the best way to get rid of mold. You can find out more info at All Star Mold Removal.


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