Q. What are the steps to update Wifi Drivers on Windows 10?

What are the steps to update Wifi Drivers on Windows 10?

If you have to update your Wifi Drivers on windows 10, do now worry. Here, you will get to know all possible ways to update your Wifi drivers on window 10. So if you are wondering how do I update my Wifi drivers on window 10, stay tuned with us.

Update your Wifi driver for Windows 10 device

Here you will get to learn about three methods which are as below.

Method 1:-Download Wifi Driver from device manufacturer website
1. Go to the official website of the device manufacturer and search for the product model
2. Locate the driver download page, or you can also go to the support page of the product
3. From there, download the driver for your wireless adapter to the computer
4. Now open the downloaded file and, following the screen instruction, install the driver on our computer

Method 2:- Update the Wifi Driver with the device manager

Here you can also use the device manager on your Windows 10 to update your Wifi network adapter as below.

  1. Press the Windows logo key and then R to go to the run box.
  2. There you have to enter devmgmt.msc and then press Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Now you have to double click the tab Network adapter and right-click the wireless network adapter. Now click on the Update Driver.

Method 3:- Update the Wifi Driver automatically

In case you want to do it quickly, you can get this done automatically with Driver Easy.You can download and install the driver either using the free or pro version of Driver Easy.

  1. Download the Driver Easy and install it
  2. Now you have to run Driver Easy and hit the Scan now button.
  3. Driver easy will now scan our computer and detect the problem
  4. Click on the update button now to download the correct driver for it.
  5. Now you have to click the Update all button.  

So How do i update my Wifi Drivers on Windows 10 ? You can update your Wifi drivers using the above methods. If you have any issues, you can speak to the customer representative of windows to get instant help.






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