Q. Why is Lufthansa so expensive?

Why is Lufthansa so expensive?

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the leading German based airlines in the world that proffers high-end traveling comforts to its passengers who travel domestic or international routes. But when things come to Lufthansa Airlines airfares, then most of the travelers find it expensive. Airfare always depends on varied factors, and if you are also confused about why Lufthansa is so expensive, you can go through the reasons behind its expensiveness.

Here are the reasons why Lufthansa Airlines is so expensive:

Fuel Charges: The price of fuel is dramatically increasing, which directly affects your travel budget. This price increase adds more to your base fare, and the final price is higher than the older price of tickets.

Seating, and Amenities: Lufthansa always focuses on the seating comforts and facilities provided to its passengers during the travel, even in lounge access that also makes it more expensive because it cost a lot to arrange the things such as personal cabin, food menu, and more.

Security: Lufthansa is best known for its advanced security system and recently received a 5-star rating from Skytrax. It uses advanced types of equipment and technology in its aircraft, and the cost of advanced technology in aircraft requires more money, making it an expensive airline.

Cabin Crew: Lufthansa always hires the best and qualified staff that always helps achieve the best things, whether it’s customer satisfaction or any other. Lufthansa pays off the higher amount to its staff that could be another reason behind the expensiveness.

How do I get in touch with Lufthansa?

The above-given steps can help know why Lufthansa is expensive. If you still require any sort of assistance, contact the Lufthansa Airlines customer service team and obtain the relevant help on each query. The customer service team of Lufthansa will assist you in a very proper way whenever you contact them.






Oct, 2021

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