Q. How to fix Error Support.apple.com/iphone/restore?

How to fix Error Support.apple.com/iphone/restore?

I have used a USB cable to connect iPhone to the computer that you synced before, and then launch iTunes. Selected “Sync” in iTunes and enter the correct passcode when asked to unlock the device,thats how i have backed up the iPhone to the computer.But i don’t know how to Support.apple.com/iphone/restore follow provided link.






Nov, 2021

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The screen on which you are reading now is a piece of hardware and you could access this web content because of networking. Earlier the hardware designs were prepared to suffice the functional requirements of the device. On the contrary, in recent times, look and feel of the device is equally considered. With the advancements in the field of science like Nano-technology, more compact electronic and hardware equipment are developed. Networking is what binds different hardware devices in a linked system through which internal communication is made possible.

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