Q. How Can I Unblock Extra torrents Website?

How Can I Unblock Extra torrents Website?

ExtraTorrent website is one of the famous websites among its competitor. It provides content to download like movies, tv-series, web series, the latest music, and much more and shares the content among the downloaders by using P2P method. This torrent website provides downloadable links in the form of torrents and magnetic links.

In the past few years, websites like Extratorrent have been banned or stopped and hence, can be accessed only through a proxy, VPN, etc. So, If you want to unblock extratorrent then this article is for you.

There are several ways of unblocking extratorrent. I have mentioned below the ways to carry this unblocking. So, let’s start with solutions.

Solution 1: Use Tor Browser

This browser is very helpful when you are browsing any blocked website, as it provides easy access to the same by hiding your real IP address and providing the fake IP address, as a result, the ISP(Internet Service Provider) does not recognize your real IP and hence helps in attaining the anonymity which enables you to unblock extratorrent. You can download the Tor browser from here.

Solution 2: VPN

VPN or Virtual private network allows you to browse the blocked website in your region and unlike proxy website, it does not send the personal information through the network and provides complete anonymity to its user. There are several VPNs available like TOR guard, Nord VPN, Expressvpn, Cyber ghost, etc.

Solution 3: Public DNS

Public DNS is one of the most common method to access the blocked website in your region. Local DNS does not allows to browse the blocked website, so there is a need of replacing the local DNS with the Public DNS, there are several public DNS available on the internet.

So these were the solutions to tackle the blocked extratorrent. In addition to above mentioned solutions, you may try using proxy websites as they also provide the anonimity and unblocks several blocked websites.
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