Q. How do I collect customer phone numbers for SMS marketing?

How do I collect customer phone numbers for SMS marketing?






Nov, 2021

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  • chrishurst

    Well, there are many approaches you can try, and I suggest you try a few of them to see which is the most effective. One way to do it is to encourage customers to register at your store, whether it be to join a raffle, be part of your loyalty program, or get a store credit card. That’ll be a great time to ask for their phone number. You can also hand out fliers encouraging customers who want to be part of your SMS campaign — and get special deals, of course — to text your company’s phone number. And you can ask for phone numbers from people who visit your website or place online orders.
    It helps if you are running your SMS campaign from a number customers are familiar with and/or already have saved on their phones. If your primary contact number is a landline, you can set things up to send SMS from landline with the help of platforms like https://clerk.chat/.


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