Q. What’s the safest way to backup my business data?

What’s the safest way to backup my business data?

I don’t want to lose it.

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Mar, 2022

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  • acgrayson

    Different people have different approaches to this. My philosophy has always been that the safest backup method is using several different backup methods, as that will help your data survive a wider range of potential issues.
    A cloud backup, for example, will keep your data safe if your office gets flooded, but is vulnerable to server issues, cyberattacks, and even just plain old lost passwords. Backing everything up into physical media, on the other hand, leaves your data vulnerable to damage of all sorts, unless you have a vault to keep your external hard drives in.
    If you are looking for maximum safety, the best option is to have a cloud managed services provider like Genisys set up an automatic cloud backup system for your files. And to do a second backup on physical media once a week, or once a month, depending on how much data you are willing to risk losing.


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