Q. What’s a good conversion rate for an online store?

What’s a good conversion rate for an online store?

And how can I improve mine?

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Mar, 2022

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  • harrisondowner

    Somewhere between 2 and 4% is generally a decent conversion rate, but that’s speaking in very broad terms. In practice, you should be comparing your conversion rate to that of other stores in your niche, as that will give you a better sense of what’s good or average. A rate that makes sense for a sports goods store may be below average for a tech store, for example.
    As to how you can improve your conversion rate, that comes down to a) how you are getting web traffic to the store and b) what visitors see when they access the store. Building a strong website with good products at sensible prices will go a long way towards getting clients to make more purchases, but only if you are bringing the right demographics to your store. Make sure your marketing campaigns are properly targeted.
    Shipping costs are also a big factor on stores that ship physical goods, as customers may balk and abandon their shopping carts if your courier Brisbane is charging them a fortune for shipping. You can use tools like this one to help you find affordable courier service providers.


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