Q. How to Change Your Phone's Ringtones to a Song You Like?

How to Change Your Phone's Ringtones to a Song You Like?

If you just want your dzwonki na telefon to be a short portion of your favorite song, rather than a full track, you may use these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the music editing program “Ringtone Maker.”

Step 2: Click the program’s title. Select “Allow” from the drop-down menu to grant permission (optional).

Step 3: When you’ve finished creating your ringtones, they’ll be listed in a list on the screen. Select the required song by using your mouse or fingers.

Step 4: There will be “2 horizontal rectangles” on the left is the start of the ringtone, and on the right is the end. To hear it, click the “Play” icon below after you’ve chosen your piece.

Step 5: Select “Notifications” if you want to use this song as notification music. Select the option that you desire. After selecting, click “Save.” To confirm the song’s setting as a ringtone, select next to “Make Default Ringtone.”

With the information below, you’ll be able to customize your phone’s ringtones to reflect your own preferences. I wish you good luck and enjoy the music!f






Apr, 2022

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