Q. Can you eat pizza if you have diabetes?

Can you eat pizza if you have diabetes?






May, 2022

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  • hulyahkhoury

    Of course! Nothing is off-limits, even if you have diabetes, although you must be careful about portions. If you follow a healthy lifestyle 99% of the time, it’s perfectly fine to indulge now and then.

    The trick here is not to overdo it. You can still get a slice of pizza occasionally, but it shouldn’t be a staple of your diet. If you find yourself craving all the time, you might want to make your healthy version of pizza at home. This way, you can control the toppings you add and even change the crust to a more nutritional type of flour. You can control the amount of sugar, sodium, and fats that go with your pizza if you make it yourself.

    With plenty of healthier food options and medical advancements, it’s not impossible to live a healthy life with diabetes. I’ve recently discovered a website called Supermedical that posts content about the latest research and medical products so you can stay up-to-date. You can find them here.


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